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Shining Bird: Leisure Coast [Album Review & Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Going from strength to strength after the release of their EP Shade of the Sea, fledgling Aussie group Shining Bird deliver a beautiful debut that evokes the serenity of being close to the ocean shore during a lazy summer afternoon. Bringing forth a sense of euphoric bliss, the 8-track set shines with hypnotic melodies and soothing harmonies, ensuring an unforgettable little experience.

The band’s affinity with the sea strikes you immediately with the opening track, ‘Terra Nullis’. It hits the listener like waves washing gently upon the sand, the acoustic guitar and harmonies luring you further into the song like sirens did sailors in classical myths. The same vibe can be found across the album, with ‘Don’t Get Down’ and ‘Must Have Been Dreaming’ also acting as fine examples of dreamy indie pop.

Those that have heard Shining Bird’s EP will notice that ‘Keep Warm’ has been included on Leisure Coast and fits perfectly with the rest of the new cuts. Its driving bass line makes it one of the standouts, along with the project’s first single, ‘Distant Dreaming’, where Dane Taylor’s deep tone coasts effortlessly atop the playful synths.

Ultimately, Leisure Coast proves to be quite the debut. Shining Bird exhibit stronger songwriting than on their EP, and this growth results in pleasantly catchy tunes that glide right into your head. Partnered with alluring instrumentation and vocals, a captivating listen is guaranteed each and every time.

Rating: ★★★★


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