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Slanted and Enchanted 2013: Line-up Announcement

Artist touring and event management team life is noise are set to embark on another magical and musical voyage this December in Perth, WA.

Slanted and Enchanted is a new TWO-venue event featuring some of the most interesting and exciting acts in rock and electronica from Australia and around the globe. It’s an evening of discovery, featuring artists at the forefront of the creative and the thoughtful; the weird and the wonderful; and the pure electric, from the familiar to the unfathomable. Genre bending sounds to drench every bone in your body.

Think two venues, two vibes. Submerge your senses with skewered indie rock, psych, pop and noise at the Astor Theatre (upstairs in the Cool Perth Nights Room and downstairs on the Main Stage), followed by an enchanted party of alt hip-hop, glitch beats and experimental house in two rooms over at The Bakery.

Astor Theatre Main Stage line-up:
Deerhunter (USA)
Cave (USA)
Fabulous Diamonds (MEL)
DJ Jamie Macdonald

Cool Perth Nights Room line-up:
Cow Parade Cow
Mt. Mountain
DJ Jane Azzopardi

The Bakery line-up:
Jon Hopkins (UK)
LE1F w/ Mess Kid (USA)
Kelpe (UK)
Diger Rokwell
DJ Rok Riley
DJ Craig Hollywood

Tickets available for either venue or limited tickets to both venues can be purchased at a reduced price. A $5 bus transfer is also available to buy pre-sale, which will take you from The Astor directly to The Bakery.

WHAT: Slanted and Enchanted 2013
WHEN:  Saturday, September 7
WHERE: Astor Theatre – 659 Beaufort St. Mt. Lawley // The bakery – 233 James St, Northbridge

Slanted and Enchanted 2013

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  1. Jacko says:

    You missed mention of a band on the astor main stage. the band ‘perth’!

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