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My First CD: Luke Cuerel, PIGEON

Intelligent electro-pop deviants PIGEON are currently on the road to promote latest single ‘Curtain Call.’ Ahead of their gig at Beach Road, Bondi, we asked band-member Luke Cuerel to share his earliest musical memories, which inspired the boy-band that is PIGEON.

Way back in 1997, I got my first album ever which was the Backstreet Boys Backstreet’s Back album. To the 6 year old Luke, this was pretty revolutionary stuff. I remember getting it as a present and being so incredibly stoked. I annoyed the shit out of everyone around me with it. My favourite track off the album was ‘Backstreet’s Back.’ Not sure I still have the same love for that album I used to, but every time a song from that record comes on somewhere (which is rarely) this old fella gets a bit nostalgic. Same goes for 5ive, Eminem, 50 Cent and many of the So Fresh compilations. Also, just found out a few weeks ago that Kevin Richardson from Backstreet Boys actually retweeted our Daft Punk Medley. My 6 year old self just high-fived me.

So, everybody, rock your body right to ‘Backstreet’s Back’:

Now, back that up with the Will Zain directed music video for PIGEON’s newest single, ‘Curtain Call.’

As mentioned, PIGEON are currently on tour across this fine land in support of their latest single. You can get all their tour info here. | |

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