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The Naked And Famous: A Stillness [New Single]

‘A Stillness’ is the latest single to come from In Rolling Waves, the forthcoming second album from NZ’s The Naked And Famous.

TNAF songwriter and producer Thom Powers, describes ‘A Stillness’ as a song written about overcoming catastrophizing and dealing with your own sense of hopelessness. It’s about re-discovering love, stability and an overall sense of calmness – a very fitting opening album track.

In Rolling Waves Track-listing:
1. A Stillness
2. Hearts Like Ours
3. Waltz
4. Rolling Waves
5. The Mess
6. Grow Old
7. Golden Girl
8. I Kill Giants
9. What We Want
10. We Are Leaving
11. To Move With Purpose
12. A Small Reunion

Pre-order In Rolling Waves now from iTunes. | |

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