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The Acid: Self-titled EP [EP Stream]

There is a veil of mystique over newcomers The Acid (also labelled ∴ The ꓃ ᑄ ꒛ ᗌ ∴) which can sometimes be fun and exciting, but mostly it is just annoying.

The Acid’s Facebook page claims that they are “Nothing like the name” and on SoundCloud they’ve noted “We wanted to share now. It’s not out yet” – see what I mean, slightly ambiguous and annoying.

Their music however is neither of those things (well, maybe a tad ambiguous). The Acid have uploaded a four-track, self-titled EP that is an abstract, experimental electronic collection that showcases a myriad of influences.

Sounds like: Nicolas Jaar, James BlakeAtoms For Peace

We’ll be sure to update everyone on The Acid as soon as more info comes to light. |

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