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Snakadaktal: Sleep In The Water [Album Review]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

Just as the name of the album would suggest, this masterpiece from Snakadaktal leaves you feeling as though you’re floating in the sunshine off an island somewhere in the Pacific.

The extended atmospheric intro to ‘Fall Underneath’ invites you to take a load off and relax into the album with its guitars, keys and just-heavy-enough bass. The Melbournites have no intention of letting you drift off and keep the pace up in highlight track ‘Hung On Tight.’

The stand-out track has to be ‘Ghost,’ second single from the album and a beautiful track featuring the signature soft and vulnerable vocals of lead female vocalist Phoebe Cockburn atop some perfectly restrained reverb’ing chords and feathered guitar riffs.

As is the risk with atmospheric albums, the tracks do start to feel homogeneous, and you find yourself missing the punctuation between tracks, with only a switch between the poppy boy/girl vocals, some sweeping instrumentals and a different BPM or pitch hinting that you’re onto a new tune.

Until you hit ‘The Sun I’, where in the second half of the album you really get the flavours of producer Dann Hume (Lisa Mitchell and Alpine) coming through. It’s a perfectly timed change in tone, and keeps you guessing right up until the last bars of ‘The Sun III’.

Overall the first full-length album from the young five-piece band speaks volumes about their potential, if this polished, kaleidoscopic, velvety sound is what they’re producing now, it’s hard to imagine the sound they’ll be producing in guaranteed, and much anticipated, follow-up albums.

Star rating: 3.5 out of 5

Let’s listen to stand-out track ‘Ghost.’

Finish with the Fractures remix of ‘Hung On Tight.’

Snakadaktal’s Sleep in the Water is now available everywhere. Claim a copy from iTunes. | |

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    Snakadaktal are sounding dreamy

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