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RÜFÜS: Atlas [Album Review & Stream]

Words by Dan Azzopardi.

In a nutshell, Atlas is a hands up in the air affair. The debut album from Sydney’s RÜFÜS (Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George, James Hunt) is a summer sunset sonically personified.

Since hearing 2010’s breakout single ‘Paris Collides,’ I was a major advocate of the trio. Their sound cannot be likened to any other act – it’s completely their own. Debut album Atlas glows with a soft tremulous light, attributed to up-tempo, synth-heavy 4/4 beats. This shimmery production is partnered with melancholic vocals and lyrics thus paying homage to the age old battle between light and dark.

Opening track ‘Sundream’ sets the tone for the album with its infectious beats, soaring vocals and sweeping synths. ‘Take Me’ firmly establishes the tropical theme by sampling the sound of waves washing upon the shore. For me, each album track could be a single, and subsequently released in the same fashion as ‘Take Me’ and ‘Desert Night;’ packaged with remixes from the hottest local and international producers.

RÜFÜS have delivered a constant stream of dance-floor anthems, supported multiple international acts, featured on the line-up of national festival tours (Big Day Out and Listen Out), and consistently sold-out their own gigs. Now, they’ve released Atlas, the best indie dance album to emerge from Australia this year.

Star rating: 5 out of 5

Stream RÜFÜSAtlas in all of its glory:

Atlas track-list:
1. Sundream
2. Take Me
3. Tonight
4. Modest Life
5. Rendezvous
6. Desert Night
7. Simplicity Of Bliss
8. Sarah
9. Unforgiven
10. Two Clocks
11. Imaginary Air

Download Atlas on iTunes now thanks to Sweat It Out. |

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