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Múm: Toothwheels [New Single]

While we wait the release of Smilewound, the seventh studio record from Icelandic electro-pop oddities Múm, we relish in its first official single, ‘Toothwheels.’

‘Toothwheels’ begins with static rhythms, and slowly integrates blossoming strings, teeming arpeggios and evoking vocals. The below video is a collaboration between Múm, Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson (of FM Belfast) and video director Bruno Granato.

Smilewound track-list:
1. Toothwheels
2. Underwater Snow
3. When Girls Collide
4. Slow Down
5. Candlestick
6. One Smile
7. Eternity Is The Wait Between Breaths
8. The Colorful Stabwound
9. Sweet Impressions
10. Time To Scream And Shout
11. Whistle (ft. Kylie) (Bonus Track)

Smilewound is out on September 6 through Morr Music.

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