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My First CD: Vincent Vendetta, Midnight Juggernauts

Midnight Juggernauts recently delivered third album Uncanny Valley, an unforgettable trip that showcases the trio’s growth yet doesn’t alienate itself from past releases. We were keen to learn what the earliest influencers were of Vincent Vendetta, the band’s vocalist and keyboardist. You’ll be surprised with what we found out.

In Primary School I had a few friends who were into Faith No More and eventually through the grapevine we discovered the singer’s other band, Mr Bungle. Moving into early High School, I’d try to learn guitar through playing with music I liked at the time, which was mainly Nirvana. Though it was more fun learning how to play Mr Bungle tracks. It was like Frank Zappa mixed with Nintendo and David Lynch samples, which suited our minds at the time: schizophrenic and fun. When I finally saw them live later in High School, I’m pretty sure I could have played along to every song on guitar or drums. I hadn’t listened to it for maybe 10 years before writing this piece. Just downloaded/listening to it now and have been flooded with a lot of memories from early High School. I still know every hidden corner of every track. I didn’t get out much back then.

Midnight Juggernauts’ Uncanny Valley is out now on iTunes. Click here for a review and stream.

Catch the trio perform hits of old and new on their forthcoming Australian tour. Dates and ticketing here. |

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