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Black Vanilla: Call Your Husband [New Single]

Black Vanilla is a relatively new Sydney collaboration formed by local producer GuerreMarcus Whale (one-half of Collarbones) and DJ Plead (AKA Jarred Beeler, founder of the now defunct Life Aquatic Blog).

Black Vanilla’s online presence is an overtly sexual one. It’s nice to see that this has been mirrored by their debut boudoir anthem, ‘Call Your Husband.’ As you listen, you’re overcome with an unyielding desire to grind against a hard surface. Responsible for this urge are sexy RnB grooves, smooth drum-machine beats and Guerre’s panty-dropping vocal hooks.

‘Call Your Husband’ is the first taste of Black On Black On Black, Black Vanilla’s debut mixtape that is due for release on August 1. |

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