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Jinja Safari: Self-titled [Album Review & Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

Brandishing African rhythms amidst indie rock stylings, Jinja Safari have gone above and beyond on this wondrous self titled LP. This latest effort features lively up-tempo cuts that sparkle with celebratory abandon, ensuring a remarkably exciting listen.

As soon as the drums begin on opening track ‘Apple,’ the tone for the majority of the album is set. It’s all about losing yourself under the influence of Afro-pop elements as the call and response of “no one respects you when you’re young, no one believes you when you’re old” makes its way into your head and takes up residence. ‘Relax’ serves as a representation of carefree cheekiness (I could buy you a drink, if you lend me the money) and  the merging of woodwind with the group’s warm harmonies makes ‘Toothless Grin’ an early standout.

When things slow down the vibe becomes hypnotic and is just as stirring as on the more rhythmic tunes. Tender vocals radiate on the love letter that is ‘Just One Thing;’ it builds with distorted guitars towards a perfect finish.

It’s a great thing to have a record draw you out of your surroundings and transport you to another world. It is as much a testament to the heart and soul put into it as it is to the influences that helped forge its sound, and Jinja Safari deserve the praise that is coming their way in the wake of this release. A truly joyous experience.

Star rating: 5 out of 5

Jinja Safari are hitting the road this September for ‘The Bay Of Fires Tour.’ Catch them at one of many shows across Australia. Details can be found on their tour page.

Grab a copy of Jinja Safari’s debut record from the band’s webstore. | |


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