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Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht: Hang On to Life // No Real Friend [New Music]

Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht have teamed up for a collaborative 7″ single featuring each other on the split single’s two tracks.

Side A holds Ariel’s brightly textured and dreamy ‘Hang On To Life,’ stirring up feelings of a long summertime drive through the countryside:

Flip to side B to find ‘No Real Friend,’ a lighter and slightly poppyer tune that demands repetition:

Hang On to Life // No Real Friend 7″ is available now through Mexican Summer.

You may know Elbrecht from his vocal and guitar work in the NYC band Violens. However, Elbrecht is also responsible for the production on No Joy‘s latest album Wait to Please, as well as the forthcoming Au Revoir Simone record, Move In Spectrums. The next project we’ll be seeing from Elbrecht will be another collaborative 7″ with Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek. |

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