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Maya Jane Coles: Comfort [Album Review & Stream]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

Hailed as a newcomer to watch back in 2010 Maya Jane Coles has kicked some massive goals over the past three years, remixing acts like Massive Attack, The xx and the Gorrillaz, recording a ‘BBC Essential Mix,’ winning a swag of house and DJ awards and now releasing her debut album, Comfort.

Title track ‘Comfort’ and lead single ‘Easier to Hide’ are slickly produced, and set the scene for the underground, down-tempo album that is far less club-driven than much of Maya’s work from the past three years. The mixing and arrangement of standout tracks like ‘Everything’ and ‘Fall from Grace’ are a testament to MJC’s skill and having self-produced this entire debut album, is an impressive feat for the 25-year-old.

In fact MJC’s production doesn’t disappoint at any point in the album, as you’d expect, it’s the feeling that you’re going round in circles after all 12 tracks that leaves you a little underwhelmed. It could be that hypnotic signature making it feel so same-same but take for instance that despite having 8 hugely different and accomplished vocalists featured, for much of the album you feel that you’re hearing the same voice and expressing the same emotions (with notable exception of the raspy stylings of Tricky and Thomas Knights’ R&B inspired vocals).

Overall I’m left feeling that I’ve been waiting three years for MJC to punch me in the face, but instead she threw wide and kind of just shoved me into a group of grimy revellers, which is okay too.

Star Rating: 3 out of 5

Comfort is out now through Maya Jane Coles’ webstore. | |

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