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Tunng: Turbines [Album Review & Stream]

Words by Carlos Duarte.

When people use the term “opposites attract,” it is usually in reference to a coupling that seemingly doesn’t have a hope in hell of working out. What starts off as a good idea can come crashing to the ground and burst into an explosive mess that’s met with the age old adage of ‘Ha! I knew it would never work!’

It’s a good thing then, that Tunng have evolved into a band that is capable of melding folk and electronica into a successful match made in heaven. Turbines, their fifth album release, is a seamless experience that folktronic dreams are made of.

Cuts like ‘The Village’ and ‘Embers’ sparkle with playful harmonies, whilst the group’s knack for melodies shines most on ‘Bloodlines.’ The dreamy, elegant beginning of ‘Trip Trap’ gives way to rustic acoustic guitars atop an undercurrent of percussion and synths as the joyful hook draws you along.

The male and female vocals sound perfect together, whether they are weaving in and out of each other like on ‘By This’ or simply providing subtle support when one takes the lead for most of the track. Either way, they magically draw the listener into the band’s mellow grooves.

Fusing the organic with the synthetic has paid off for Tunng. Turbines exudes an effortlessness that ensures it gets played from start to finish, such is the album’s finesse. When one gets their hands on such a cohesive release, opposites attracting is a possibility with no drawbacks.

Star rating: 4 out of 5

Download a copy of Tunng’s Turbines now from their webstore.

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