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Imaginary Friends: Tainted Tears / Love & Groove [New Music]

Imaginary Friends is a fresh three-piece hailing from New York City, made up of beat-smith Jimmy Q, singer/songwriter and saxophonist Sapphire Adizes and pop-producer Benny Reiner.

Their first few tracks sees them experimenting and mismatching genres to form an unique take on electronic dance music.

Take a listen to the subtle and infectious, grind-worthy first release, ‘Tainted Tears’:

Now, cop the bass-heavy party jam ‘Love & Groove,’ featuring up-and-coming vocalist Sedric Perry:

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  1. rio says:

    These guys are awesome. I saw that sapphire kid out stage everyone in a club in Harlem. So talented. Keep your eye out cause these guys are going far…

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