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London Grammar: Interview

UK three-piece London Grammar exploded onto the scene 6 months ago with their amazing blend of ethereal alt-pop sounds. Since then they have released 3 singles, 2 EPs, a few remixes and even a collaboration with Disclosure.

Earlier this week, we spoke to one-third of London Grammar, Dan Rothman. As it turns out, acid stag got to pop Dan’s Australian interview cherry. We tried to go easy on him.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
Well, it’s about 9AM in the morning; I am currently in my bedroom wearing some very un-cool tracksuit pants and a t-shirt. I basically just got out of bed and answered the phone (laughs). As is the life of a rockstar. Yeah, so much the life of a rockstar (laughs).

London Grammar dropped its debut single ‘Hey Now’ around 6 months ago, which exploded across the Internet during that first week. Did you ever expect it would attract as much attention as it did?
Quite honestly, not in the slightest. I mean, we hoped it would gain some attention, but we certainly didn’t think it would happen as quickly as it did. ‘Hey Now’ was really only supposed to be a set-up for everything else we were going to do. We didn’t really see ‘Hey Now’ as being a commercially viable single, so we expected to release that one, then follow it up closely with another one and so on. We really had no idea that that first track would get so much attention (laughs).

What made you decide that ‘Hey Now’ was going to be London Grammar’s introduction to the world?
I guess it was the one that we thought was the most “general sounding” track, and the one that we felt was going to place us where we wanted to be. I mean, you only get that chance once and that track had all of the elements that we felt were important to do that. There was a lot of discussion before hand but I am really glad we decided to go with that one now.

How has the ride to fame and fortune been for you so far?
I wouldn’t say we’re quite “fame“ just yet (laughs). But yeah, it has been quite fun. The Australia thing is fucking mental to be honest. It is such an amazing thing to be received this much and that far. I am feeling very lucky that’s for sure.

Have there been any parts of it that you’ve just absolutely hated?
I’m not a massive fan of photo-shoots to be honest (laughs). I just don’t understand why anyone would want to take a picture of me. I’m definitely not born to be a model; I’m only 5ft 3”. On the other hand, I think Dot (Major) definitely likes it more than I do, he seems to love being in front of the camera. I just find it really boring (laughs).

London Grammar have recently worked with Disclosure for one of their album tracks. How did that come about?
We actually knew their managers from a while back and Disclosure were just starting up at that point. A while later their management played one of our demos to Disclosure and those guys contacted us directly asking if we’d like to work on a track with them. So we said “yeah” and went into the studio to see what would happen. It was Hannah (Reid) that did most of the work on that one and it all just seemed to happen really quickly. But yeah, it all worked out really well and it is an amazing connection for us to have.

Are you pumped to be hitting the stage at Glastonbury this weekend?
Oh yeah man, I’ve never even been to Glastonbury before! Dot has been a bunch of times and he keeps telling us how amazing and crazy it’s going to be, so I am really excited about getting there. We’re actually following on from Sam Smith I think. He also worked on the Disclosure album. It’s all going to be really exciting.

Are you planning on stalking anyone back-stage?
I’m not much of a stalker, but if I do see someone from the Arctic Monkeys I think I might have to go up and say something (laughs).  Are you the type of person that would know what to say or would you get all star-struck and make a fool of yourself? Yeah, I’m terrible at it (laughs). I am getting better at it though. I do need to sort of plan out what I’m going to say before doing it, but I am getting better (laughs). Hannah and Dot are really cool with it. They’ll happily go up and talk to anyone.

When will we see you in Australia?
Well, I don’t actually know for sure but there is a rumour that we’ll be playing the Laneway Festival. Don’t hold me to that, but I do believe that may be happening. I’m so excited to come to Australia too. It will be incredible.

Here is London Grammar’s ‘Hey Now,’ the incredibly beautiful track that instantly captured our hearts:

Now, listen to latest single ‘Wasting My Young Years’:

If you haven’t already, grab copies of London Grammar’s EPs now from iTunes. | |

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