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Strange Talk: Strange Geronimo Tour @ Beach Road Hotel [Gig Review]

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

Re-listening to Strange Talk’s back-catalogue as I write this review, I wish I had a DeLorean DMC-12 to take me back to the electric gig the Melbourne boys played at the Beach Road Hotel last week; even if that night was cold, rainy-as-frick and Thursday-Jacqui suffered immensely for it.

My lady-friend and I got quite lucky in sharing a drink with Gillan, Travis, Stephen and ‘feather-cap’ Gerard before their set where we talked about what it means to be in a band i.e. what various tattoos and nicknames mean, how to play the drums and of course what happens on tour.

Managing to fit in some minor serious chatter, the lads tell me about their upcoming tour. With their distinct brand of “indie electro pop” the Strange Talk crew, though by no means unsuccessful, have found themselves falling somewhere between the ether of hipster over-run indie stations (triple j and FBi Radio) and the mainstream – a massive oversight in my eyes for these talented young Aussies. But what Australia have so far been missing, the USA have been digging quite a bit. The boys are set to take their tour across the Pacific in August where they’ve previously played to several sold out shows across Uncle Sam’s back yard.

When they take the stage they’ve transformed from the easygoing jokers sitting back with vinos to an intense, focused lot (except Gillan, I don’t think that guy ever stops grinning). It’s an electric set featuring much of 2012’s Cast Away LP and previously released tracks on their self-titled EP. Highlights included ‘Picking Up All the Pieces,’ ‘Sexual Lifestyle’ and ‘Falling in Love,’ when the boys weren’t treating us to a rare cover as well as a never released track (hinting it may be on a future EP).

Before we knew it (having too much fun clearly) the set closed with ‘Climbing Walls’ to which a room full of sweaty, bouncing fans happily puckered up and sang along “ooooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooooh-ohh-ohh-oooohhh-ooh-oohh-ooh-ooh-oohh-oooohh.”

Before they jet-off across the Pacific, Strange Talk still have a few Aussie dates remaining across VIC and WA with support from Hey Geronimo.

June 27 – HiFi Bar, Melbourne
June 29 – Eureka Hotel, Geelong
July 11 – Newport Hotel, Fremantle
July 12 – Prince of Wales Hotel, Bunbury
July 13 – Amplifier Bar, Perth

You can grab all of the tour info from their Strange Talk’s Facebook page and score a copy of Cast Away now on iTunes. |

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