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My First CD: Lewis Wade, MOVEMENT

Recent Modular People signees MOVEMENT are set to launch debut single ‘Feel Real’ next week. Before the Sydney three-piece hit the big time, we asked vocalist Lewis Wade about his musical roots, and which CD had the most impact on him growing up.

I remember the very first CD I ever wanted was on a family road trip from Sydney to Queensland. We stopped halfway at this inconspicuous roadhouse, which to my surprise, had a CD section for travellers like my family (even if it was just a sparse collection of country and western that didn’t interest me at the time).

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was the only CD that was in the ‘other’ category, and out of impulse I managed to convince my father to buy it for me. Her voice sold me from the beginning; it demanded my attention. I remember sitting on the backseat of the family’s ’68 Falcon in total awe of  her vocal ability and tasteful acrobatics in tracks like ‘Ex-Factor’ and ‘Do-Wop (That Thing).’  The backing harmonies and music were little more than an embellishment to her stunning voice – it became mesmerising and opened my understanding at that age, of what it meant to be a singer.

Although, it was the neo soul track ‘Nothing Even Matters,’ and her rendition of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ that were really the tracks to have a huge impact on my vocal ability. She was very distinct, with an effortless approach to singing.

My parents brought me up listening to Motown and soul music, so this record was special to me. The elements I loved about these genres, Lauryn Hill was able to re-invent in her own music. I loved these elements, somewhat subconsciously as a kid, and it was with this album that I realised it. It has since become a central principle I apply to my own writing and music.

I still adore this album and draw inspiration from the music, and I’m thankful that we did make that pitstop! It definitely made the seemingly endless journey that bit sweeter.

Let’s check out one of the tracks that Lewis claims to have had a huge impact on his vocal abilities. This is ‘Nothing Even Matters’:

You can catch MOVEMENT playing a few shows around the country next week. Head over to the band’s event page for all the details.

We’ll leave you with MOVEMENT’s debut single, ‘Feel Real’:

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