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The Bridge Presents: Maker [FBi Radio MixTape]

FBi Radio program ‘The Bridge’ has just released its second instalment of the ‘Maker‘ series, which has been designed to showcase upcoming Sydney-born producers of electronic music.

The ten-track compilation takes a diverse look at an ever-growing underground electronic music scene, capturing the constantly evolving sonic landscape. Listen below and hit the download button for a free download:


1. The Silent Titan – Solo Mission
2. aBillion – Maker
3. Cassius Select – Jamo
4. Nakagin – Cave
5. Yon Yonson – Closer to the Sun
6. Anomie – Protest in Morocco
7. James IV Stewart – LZ 129
8. Spoonty – Trips Home
9. Westernsynthetics – The Offensive
10. Gardland – 1767

Tune in to ‘The Bridge’ every weeknight from 8PM to 9PM.

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