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Gig of the Week: New Navy @GoodGod [plus Interview]

Words by Hugh McClure

Indie-Pop favourites New Navy are just wrapping up a recent tour, which saw them perform around the country in support of their latest single ‘Regular Town’. The tour should have been done by now, but an unfortunate event saw the final night being postponed to this coming Wednesday.

We caught up with guitarist Jamie Corson who gave us a rundown of tour-life, changes to the band’s line-up, and what they have in-store for us over the next 12 months.

Can you tell us what happened at GoodGod on that almost fateful night of the postponed gig?
We had loaded in all of our gear at GoodGod, and had just begun our sound check. Byron (our manager), came in and told us to pack up our gear as ‘the building is on fire’, to which we replied ‘whatever, mate’ and kept playing. He somehow convinced us he wasn’t lying, so we quickly started packing up and clearing out our valuable equipment. During this, the police and fire brigade burst through the door, yelling ‘everyone out’ with wafts of smoke trailing behind them. Any singed body hair? We’re happy to report that there was no singed body hair – it was close, but not that close.

It’s been a pretty solid Australian tour aside from the cancellation. How’s life on the road?
The tour was really fun – great shows, awesome people attending, all round good times! We had some pretty wild nights, people trashing the stage etc. I crowd surfed for the first time ever, but it was slightly different from usual as the crowd were actually on the stage – I had to jump off the drum kit!

Highlights were probably Byron Bay, and The Hills are Alive Festival. Oh, and we played The Gold Coast for the first time ever, that was rather mental

There’s been a couple of line-up changes since you guys first burst onto the scene in 2011. Can you give us a rundown of your new roster and how your band has changed given these new opinions.
After touring with us extensively, Luke O’Loughlin (vocals) finally joined the band as a full-time member, and he’s been writing and performing on the records. We’re really excited about the change and new direction it’s been taking us. I think it’s forcing us to broaden as songwriters, which of course is a good thing.

‘Zimbabwe’ got featured on a Victoria Secret Ad recently. How the heck did that come about?
I’m not actually sure how it came about. I’d like to say I was dating one of the models and she lined it up, but it would have been either a Byron or Future Classic hook-up. Either way we’re pretty stoked – who wouldn’t want to be associated with the hottest lingerie on the planet!? Life goal complete!

When can we expect some new tunes from New Navy?
James and Luke are actually sitting next to me right now and we’re demoing some new tunes at my place. We have quite a few in the works, but we’ll have to see how many make the cut.

I think we’ll hibernate in a recording studio over winter and be back with some new music by Spring.

Get along to GoodGod this Wednesday night to catch the final show of the New Navy ‘Regular Town’ Tour.

WHAT: New Navy “Regular Town” Tour  (w/supports from Swirls and Gang of Youths)
WHEN: Wednesday, April 17
WHERE:  GoodGod Small Club, Sydney
HOW MUCH: $15.30

Gig of the Week - New Navy @GoodGod |

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