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Leigh de Vries: Strange [New Single]

From the sleepy normality of Sheffield, Britain comes the intriguing sounds of singer/songwriter Leigh de Vries (pronounced Lee-de-Frees) and her latest single, ‘Strange’.

As the title suggests, de Vries comes across as quite a strange individual, describing herself as an outrageous, brazen Queen of the night.

“The ramblings of a demented mind…I am the living dead; I sleep all day, I roam the streets at night. I only wear black & wear dark glasses to hide my tired eyes”

With an open mind, take a look and a listen to ‘Strange’ and while your first instinct may be to skip forward, we recommend you persevere. By the time this track ends, you may just find yourself being oddly addicted to it.

Sounds like: Planningtorock, The Knifenotic nastic | |


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  1. Simon Edds says:

    That track was incredible!!
    Just shared it on Facebook.
    Awesome find, guys!! 😀

    *presses play again.

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