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Cashew Chemists: Self-titled EP [EP Stream]

Introducing an indie rock’n’roll band from Singapore who go by the name, Cashew Chemists. The four-piece have been making music together for around 2 years and have just recently released their debut self-titled EP.

Heavily influenced by ’60s and ’70s rock’n’roll, Cashew Chemists seek to enchant you with their dreamy rock tunes, Julian Casablancas-esque harmonies, twiddling surf guitar and classic blues bass.

If you were fans of Aussie rock’n’roll lads Little Red (RIP), we recommend you give Cashew Chemists a try:

These guys are planning a visit to Australia in a few months for a few shows in Sydney and Melbourne between 1st-15th August. Visit their Facebook page for more details. |



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