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My First CD: DCUP

Melbourne-based producer DCUP will be forever known for his breakout collaboration with Yolanda Be Cool ‘We Speak No Americano,’ a track which topped charts worldwide. He’s much more than a one-hit wonder though, and last year saw him open his own label Chookie Music (along with artist manager Jerry Soer and DJ Lola Siren).

After gaining plenty of attention with the release of the playful ‘I’m Corrupt’ midway through 2012, he’s just released a new two-track EP, Versus. The EP features his collaborations with Sydney-based songstress KLP and young-Scandinavian producer Lenno.

A dance-floor filler in his own right, his earliest musical memories revolve around a certain King of Pop, an artist who I’m sure many musicians would credit as a big influence in their careers. DCUP explains:

My first ever CD was Michael Jackson’s Dangerous in the early nineties. All I had listened to prior was mum and dad’s Scottish folk music, and the occasional Fleetwood Mac or Cat Stevens track. When I heard the pop music of the day, I was taken by the incredible rhythm of it, so I got my mum to pick up a copy of Dangerous. It blew my seven year old self away. I would sit in our lounge room, play it from track one onwards (pretty loud, my parents had good speakers back then) and just listen intently. The timing was impeccable, so precise. I didn’t know what a drum machine or sampler was at the age of 7, but I knew I liked the sounds it made. A year later, I had the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers albums, and my folks thought I had been lost to teen angst even before puberty. Really, I was just amazed by the sampling, soundscapes and beats that I had never heard before. Later my folks got me a Casio keyboard, with about 16 sounds and 8 drum rhythms on board. It was a revolution in my mind. It stayed in my room, from house to house, until I moved out of home.

DCUP’s Versus EP can be found on the Chookie SoundCloud. Keep an eye out for a new EP this coming Autumn. |

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