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acid stag’s Top Australian Music Blogs

Every five minutes, a music blog is born in Australia (probably). Finding those of quality can be a time consuming task. So, in the spirit of being a positive publication dedicated to sharing the things we love, here are acid stag’s top Australian music blogs (in no particular order).

Who The Hell
Originally started by triple j’s Dom Alessio (and Jerry Soer) back in 2006, Who the Hell was one of Australia’s first music blogs. Highlighting the best in new and upcoming Australian music, Who the Hell has a “stuff we love only” focus – a nice change in the often negative world of music blogging. Currently captained by Melissa Tan and David Payne, their articles are well-written and often very amusing, and they’re a fantastic bunch of people to boot.

Sound Doctrine
The brain-child of one Thomas Faith, Sound Doctrine is a blog focussed on “bringing subjectively obscure but objectively awesome music to dependable, everyday folk.” His wittiness and personality are always on show, and he’s always reliable when you want to locate great new music. We’re not the only ones that think Sound Doctrine is great though; Pedestrian TV selected it as 2012’s “Best Music Blog.”

The Ripe
Based out of Melbourne, Huw Nolan and Tom Pitney have crafted a superb blog, overflowing with musical treasures. Specialising in guest mixes, weekly playlists and their incredible Ripe Live videos, there are hours worth of entertainment throughout their site. They’ve also become known for their live shows, with the most recent (their first birthday party) including an incredible line-up of City Calm Down, Panama, Collarbones and Willow Beats. Happy Birthday, bros.

MAAMF (Me and All My Friends)
MAAMF does a great job focussing on local Australian talent. A gem or two can be uncovered every week. Short and to the point, posts cater for an audience that is subjected to a mass of music news. Every month they release a suave and often interesting mixtape, managing to keep us on our toes by including a broad range of genres.

All I Do Is Listen
The website design just does it for us – it’s such a pleasure to navigate. Further to this, founder Thomas Lukaitis has great insight into Australian music and is quite the regular poster, so it’s no surprise that we keep coming back for more each week. The blog also features a series of neat video compilations showcasing the best and latest Australian music videos, contributing to its already substantial point of difference.

One A Day
Considered to be a veteran by blog standards, five-year-old One A Day is one of the only Australian and independent long form publications available to online-types. As the name suggests, David and Jonno Seidler post in-depth analysis daily, unrestricted by genre or release date. Recently, the duo birthed a weekly podcast series as an extension of their offering, providing further insight into the world of music. Click here to download it for free.

Circular Key
It’s not easy to lure a reader into listening to a song in 50 words or less, but Circular Key pulls it off. Founder and FBi Radio presenter Tim Sharp is an advocate of Sydney music, and thus only features such. Circular Key is a blog for the time poor fans of Sydney’s underground music scene, or in other words, those that like it sharp (sorry, couldn’t help my self).

East to West
Some may consider Holly Friedlander Liddicoat Queen of the Australian music blogosphere. The media mogul in the making has a presence on No Fear of Pop, PORTALS, Spit Press and FBi Radio, in addition to producing content for her own blog, East to West. As a pioneer of Australian experimental electro, East to West has carved out its own niche audience, with an offering incomparable to any other Australian blog.

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  1. Lara says:

    I like the Happy Music Festival blog too, it’s good for reviews of local bands and Aussie music

  2. Patrick says:

    I have been reading Who The Hell for a few years now and totally agree with you putting them into your list of top music blogs in australia

  3. Jessie Lee says:

    Happy is one Australian music blog i know who features the indie bands from Australia. It was very entertaining.

  4. Marto says:

    Most of these blogs have really helped in improving the music industry here in Australia.

  5. andy says:

    I know of this local music blog that has some really great stuff. It’s called Mind The Music :
    They focus on Australian music, but also like to cover things that are not being written about by other blogs online. They keep their content away from the mainstream most of the time – and all the writers have their own unique style that reflects the kind of music they are interested in. Worth a read.

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