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My First CD: Josiah Eastwood, Nantes

Words by Hugh McClure.

Sydney-based Nantes have a huge few months ahead of them. On the back of their recently released debut album BeingsBeing (out via Deadhand Music/MGM), they’re currently gearing up for a national tour with fellow buzz-band Battleships (who also recently featured on this segment). The creative duo have bulked up to five members in order create their powerful sound in a live format.

BeingsBeing is not typical of most Australian music currently coming out. Drawing references from classic Brit-pop or math-rock, you’d compare it to the music of bands like Klaxons, The Horrors, or even classic-Joy Division. Combining immense vocals with driving percussion, guitar and synth, we’ve been treated to hits like ‘Unsatisfy,’ ‘Drones’ and latest single ‘Avid’ – which I think is their best work to date:

Given their obvious influences and comparisons, you’d expect a heavy diet of rock music from birth, but founding member Josiah Eastwood couldn’t have had a more different start to his musical taste.

“The first album I bought was Backstreet’s Back by the Backstreet Boys. As a youngster, I would sometimes watch Video Hits on Saturday mornings when the cartoons ended. When I saw the music video with all the mummies and werewolves singing along, my eight year-old brain exploded and I spent my meagre pocket money savings on the album. Needless to say, I was a little let down by the lack of werewolves in the rest of their material. I can’t say that the record was a definitive part of my musical development, but I remember being pretty into ‘Hey Mr. DJ’ which had this percussive synth thing that I liked. It was my first experience of deliberately listening through an album, and the thought of it brings back an onslaught of memories, so I think it taught me a little about how a record can underscore and define a time period in your life. Less existentially though, it was more of a poignant lesson in how not to waste money.

Make sure to catch two of Australia’s best up-and-coming rock bands (Nantes and Battleships) on their 10-date national tour kicking off at the end of March, and make sure everybody (yeaaaah!), rocks their body. Click here to get all of those details. | |

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