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Kirk Spencer: Wonderland [EP Review & Stream]

Words by Monica McClure.

What’s so good?:
Who is Kirk Spencer? Where did he come from? A google search reveals so little, Spencer’s Facebook page was only set up in 2013 and his website is still under construction. I am such a sucker for an enigma.

Wonderland is a beautifully constructed EP that has been spat up seemingly out of nowhere. I can only assume Spencer produced the EP himself, and it sure sounds schmick (but not too schmick).

Spencer has all of us here at Acid Stag gushing over his dynamic but restrained beats. There’s enough of a common thread across the tracks to retain consistency, but somehow still a multitude of elements and sounds that make me feel ridiculously excited about what more this guy could create. I can only imagine the wonders that are sitting around chilling out in Spencer’s laptop right now.

What’s not so good?:
If it’s so hard to track down any info about Kirk Spencer then I can probably write off seeing him live any time soon.

There’s such a big variation between tracks on the EP that I really want to hear more. Dear Kirk: make a full-length immediately. Thanks.

‘Kukcu (ft. Safia May)’ is a nice chunk of trippy neo-psychedelia.

I haven’t worked out how ‘In Treatment (ft. Louis Scott)’ was produced in Nottingham rather than Paris, but it’s probably my favourite on the EP. That’s some seriously funky shiz.

There are a few bird sound samples featured in this EP but the rhythmic tweeting throughout ‘Dreams’ is weirdly compelling and hypnotic.

4.5 out of 5.

March 25, through Strangerzoo


Sounds like:
Caribou, Four Tet, Collarbones

Check ‘em out:
Will Spencer tour to support Wonderland? Will he disappear back into the ether where he appeared from? Who knows? If you have any more success stalking this artist online, please let me know.

Without further adieu, listen to Kirk Spencer’s Wonderland:

We end with the very sweet music video for ‘Kukcu (feat. Safia May)’: | |

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