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Sigur Rós: Brennisteinn [New Single]

While a lot of us are still absorbing Sigur Rós 2012 album, Valtari, a brand new single has been released, titled ‘Brennisteinn.’

‘Brennisteinn’ is extremely darker and heavier in comparison to Sigur Rós’ previous material. The track was delivered via the below video and is the first single to surface from upcoming nine-track album Kveikur:

We waited patiently for four years between the release of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust and Valtari. The band obviously planned Valtari’s follow-up during that time.

Kveikur track-list:

1. Brennisteinn
2. Hrafntinna
3. Isjaki
4. Yfirbord
5. Stormur
6. Kveikur
7. Rafstraumur
8. Bláprádur
9. Var

Sigur Rós’ Kveikur is out on June 17 and yes, you can pre-order a CD or double vinyl now, right here.


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