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Lemâitre: Interview

Last week, we had a 3-way Skype-date with Norwegian electro-wunderkinds Ulrik and Ketil from Lemâitre. Discussed was latest EP Relativity 3, as well as things to come including their plans to head to Australian shores next summer for some festival action.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
Ketil: It is 10 in the morning here in Oslo. I am at home and I am just wearing some sweat-pants.
Is that all?
Ketil: (Laughs) No, I’m also wearing a t-shirt and a cardigan as well.
Ulrik: I’m at my home and I’m wearing jeans and a sweater. No socks today (laughs).

What’s the story behind the Relativity series?
Ketil: Well, we set out to do an EP and we just some how came up with the name Relativity and thought that was it for that EP. But then we were still writing new material and decided that we’d stick around with Relativity and make it into a trilogy of EPs. We figured that when they were all done, they would kind of be just like an album instead of 3 separate EPs.
This will be the last Relativity then.
Ketil: Yes it will, but we enjoyed it so much that we are thinking about maybe starting a new trilogy, maybe.
Do you have a name for that series yet?
Ketil: No, no idea yet (laughs). We do also plan to do a proper album with all new songs, sometime in the not too far future. But that is going to take a long time, so we are just going to keep writing and releasing stuff as we go.

What can we expect from Lemâitre in 2013?
Ulrik: Relativity 3 took us longer than expected to finish and so the last four to five months we haven’t really done much touring. So this year we plan on doing a lot of touring. For the next two months we will be touring Scandinavia and Europe. Then after the summer, we will tour in the US. In between all of that we will just be writing new music (laughs).

Will you be heading to Australia at some point?
Ulrik: Yes, for sure. We hope to be in Australia for your next summer and the festivals! We can’t wait to go there (laughs).

Do you still have to share a hotel room while out on the road?
Ketil: No, we luckily don’t have to share anymore.
That would avoid a few punch-ups I’m guessing. 
Ketil: There’s still a couple (laughs), but it’s so much fun travelling around, playing our music and we do get a long pretty well.

What was the first CD you ever bought?
Ulrik: Umm, I think it was a Norwegian rap-group called Klovner i Kamp (laughs).
Do you still listen to a lot of Norwegian rap?
Ulrik: No, but I do listen to a lot of hip-hop!
Ketil: The first album I can remember buying is Stankonia by OutKast. Either that or back in the day of singles I bought ‘Yeah!’ by Usher.
Do you still vibe on a bit of Usher and Outkast?
Ketil: (Laughs) No, my music taste has kind of changed when I started seriously playing and making it. I’ve actually never been a huge fan of hip-hop.
What are you digging at the moment? 
Ketil: A lot of old school funk like Funkadelic and stuff like that.

Have you noticed how your logo actually looks like the Sydney Opera House?
Ketil: (Laughs) I have never thought about that, but I am going to Google the Opera House now to have a look. Oh yeah, I totally see it now!
Ulrik: Yeah, I heard the Opera House was designed using pieces of sliced oranges to make its shape. We kind of did the same thing, but with triangles. We just put the pieces together and it became that (laughs).

Lemâitre’s Relativity 3 is available now. Do yourself a favour and buy it now.

Here is the music video for the EP’s latest single, ‘Fiction’: | |

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