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Bibio: À tout à l’heure [New Single]

UK-bred producer and musical mastermind Stephen James Wilkinson, better known as Bibio, returns with new track ‘À tout à l’heure’ from his forthcoming, seventh studio LP, Silver Wilkinson.

‘À tout à l’heure,’ loosely translates from French to “just now,” is saturated in percussion, acoustic arpeggios and of course Bibio’s calming, nostalgic vocals. Listen below, then click here for a free download:

Silver Wilkinson track-list:
1. The First Daffodils
2. Dye the Water Green
3. Wulf
4. Mirroring All
5. À tout à l’heure
6. Sycamore Silhouetting
7. You
8. Raincoat
9. Look at Orion!
10. Business Park
11. You Won’t Remember…

Bibio’s Silver Wilkinson is out on May 13 via Warp Records. Pre-order your copy now.

We leave you with ‘Take Off Your Shirt,’ our favourtite track from 2011’s Mind Bokeh record:

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