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Midnight Juggernauts: Ballad of the War Machine [New Single]

After a three year hiatus, Melbourne’s Midnight Juggernauts release the official music video for latest single ‘Ballad of the War Machine.’

Without an introduction to the video, most non-Russians would believe that it’s a long-lost soviet pop band rediscovered from behind the iron curtain.

Over the last few weeks, the trio actually leaked a few different versions of this video, untitled and unassociated to Midnight Juggernauts. They liked the idea of being an anonymous soviet art-pop band from decades ago, so they shot a few videos on the streets of Russia with this premise in mind. They then made it look like the clip was presented within a 30 year old Russian TV program.

The videos were soon spread around to various websites, blogs and discussion boards by some Russian friends, while the Juggers sat back and watched the world’s response with interest and amuse.

Midnight Juggernauts will return to the stage in 2013 with their brand new album in-tow.


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