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Rat & Co: One (壱) Uno (壹) Ein [Album Review]

Words by Monica McClure.

Instrumental ambient electro

Sounds like:
Mogwai, Four Tet, Boards of Canada, Tycho

What’s so good?:
If you’re not feeling relaxed after listening to Rat & Co’s debut album, then you need to cut down on your espressos. The band started out as a musical project for Joshua Delaney, who has played with Chet Faker and Northeast Party House, and has recently been finding traction with the complement of additional band members and release of the multilaterally titled One (壱) Uno (壹) Ein.

Delaney is a bassist by trade and One (壱) Uno (壹) Ein sounds like an album made by a bassist – solid rhythms, and complexity from layering rather than melody.

What’s not so good?:
It’s hard to stay attuned to instrumental music when there are no lyrics to focus on, but on the whole Rat & Co’s atmospheric album manages to be engaging even though it sounds like background music.

One (壱) Uno (壹) Ein sort of melds into one mass of buzzy sweetness that will glide right through your earholes. A good place to start is latest single ‘The Letter.’ You can check out the music video for the track here. Otherwise, ‘8 Bit Death’ has a touch of the psychedelic that I’m totally on the bandwagon for right now.

Further comments:
Buy One (壱) Uno (壹) Ein on bandcamp rather than iTunes. More money goes into the band’s pockets.

4 out of 5

Check ‘em out:
Indie Shuffle has nabbed Rat & Co to headline their latest incarnation of “Indie Shuffle Presents,” over at FBi Social on Saturday, March 2. They’ll also be touring during March, supporting Gold Panda in Adelaide and then launching their album in Melbourne.

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