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The Crystal Ark: Rain [New Single]

The Crystal Ark is the new project created and led by singer Viva Ruiz and ex-LCD Soundsystem contributor (and DFA associate) Gavin Russom.

All up, this project consists of 12 members and they’ve all been busy as hell working and touring in support of their self-titled debut record, which is nothing short of a psychedelic disco orgasm.

Latest single ‘Rain’ will be released soon as a remix EP featuring reworks by Parisian duo Discodeine, Berlin boys Barker & Baumecker, The Carry Nation, and Frikstailers. Think LCD Soundsystem making sweet, sweaty love to !!! (chk chk chk):

You should really revisit The Crystal Ark’s 8 minute jam, ‘We Came To’:

The Crystal Ark was released in November 2012, of course via DFA Records.

The group is on tour across the US and Mexico between February and May. Grab all of those details here.

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