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PVT: Homosapien [Album Review & Stream]

Words by Monica McClure.

What’s so good?:
Where do I start? I have liked PVT for years, although they’ve always been a bit hit and miss. Homosapien takes all the best parts of PVT’s distinctive approach to making music, but does it in a more accessible way than their previous albums. The melodies are easier to grasp and some of the jarring rhythms from previous albums have been toned down. Despite the tilt towards approachability, PVT have still managed to maintain their edge, utilising the jazz training of drummer Lawrence Pike to add a layer of complexity.

The recording of Homosapien was overseen by sound engineer Ivan Vizintin of Ghoul, and then mixed in London by Ben Hillier who has previously worked with Depeche Mode and Blur. It’s a production combination that’s reflected in the music – the arty, experimental side countered by a more commercial appeal.

What’s not so good?:
It makes me uncomfortable to speculate about how this band is not huge. I just don’t get it. Go and buy this album immediately and let me know and I might feel a bit better. 

My favourite track off Homosapien is third single ‘Vertigo,’ a dizzy, gut-stirring love song that was premiered by our friends at Indie Shuffle earlier this month. Title track ‘Homosapien’ and ‘Cold Romance’ are somehow both funky and introspective. I don’t know how that works but it’s excellent.

Further comments:
Local microbrewery Young Henry’s collaborated with PVT to create a beer for the launch of their album. The beer will be available at PVT’s Oxford Art Factory gig. Apparently it’s a cross between an English Bitter and a Hefeweizen. 

4.5 out of 5

February 8, 2013 via Create/Control

Electronic post-punk

Sounds like: 
Midnight Juggernauts, Caribou, Radiohead

Check ‘em out:
PVT are following up the release of Homosapien with their first headline tour in over two years. They’re playing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide throughout March. You can buy tickets to the Sydney leg of the tour at Oxford Art Factory on March 29 here.

Take a listen to the glory that is PVT’s Homosapien: |

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