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Hungry Kids of Hungary: You’re A Shadow [Album Review]

Words by Justin Lam Sin Cho.

What’s so good?:
If you haven’t heard of the Hungry Kids of Hungary prior to today, you might find their name quite amusing. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t actually from Hungary, they’re a four-piece band from Brisbane in Australia — they are, however, hungry to produce music that inspires equal measures of curiosity and joy. Infused with a healthy dose of 60’s pop and lashings of soul, You’re A Shadow signals the Brisbane outfit’s return in style after releasing their debut album Escapades back in 2010. It’s a perfect reminder of the band’s ability to combine their trade-mark melodies and burning energetic hooks.

What’s not so good?:
Where art thou catchy guitar hooks? For some reason or another they’ve gone missing in this album and well, that’s kind of what made me fall in love with these guys in the first place. What we’re left with is an assortment of easy listening rock tracks, nothing in particular that you can dance or jump around your room to – sort of the route Oh Mercy took a couple of years ago with Great Barrier Grief.

Despite the lack of guitar hooks there are still plenty of tracks to fall in love with. ‘When Yesterday’s Gone’ is most reminiscent of their earlier work with Dean McGrath’s big brooding vocals. ‘Do or Die’ is your classic Hungry Kids of Hungary rock jam. Then we have the two very likeable lead singles: ‘Twin Cities’ which showcases HKoH’s surf rock/pop side and ‘Sharp Shooter’ which is easily the standout track from the album for me.

Further comments:
‘Sharp Shooter’ snuck in at #193 on the triple j Hottest 100 countdown, just in case you missed it!

3.5 stars.

Check ‘em out:
You’re A Shadow is this week’s feature album on triple j so check it out for yourself before it’s released on Friday! Hungry Kids of Hungary will also be touring around Australia from April 5 so check your dates here.

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