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Mitzi: Truly Alive [Album Review]

Words by Monica McClure.

What’s so good?:
I used to think Mitzi were slightly insipid and bland, somewhere between melodic pop and more funky electro. Not that I disliked Mitzi, I just wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to them. All that changed when I saw their show at GoodGod with Panama in November last year. I turned up with the motivation to see Panama but that night it was all about Mitzi, who surprised me with their ridiculously funky beats and catchy tracks. There may have been some dancing involved. OK, there was a lot of dancing involved. Since then, I have a newfound enthusiasm for Mitzi. Even their recorded material sounds better now.

Mitzi’s sound is pure sugary Europop. Think Phoenix, Miike Snow and The Whitest Boy Alive. Synth-heavy, disco-beat tracks are overlaid with frontman Dominiqe Bird’s spacey vocals. In true pop style, the melodies are simple but catchy. It’s what’s happening in the background that’s the key to Mitzi’s appeal.

What’s not so good?:
To really appreciate Mitzi, you have to go see them perform live. Their album is good, it’s just not as good as their live show. Around the halfway mark, Truly Alive gets a bit vague and the production values seem to fall off a bit, but it comes full circle to win us back with a few thumping dance tunes towards the end.

Favourite tracks are the band’s likeable single ‘Who Will Love You Now’ (Miike Snow’s ‘Sylvia,’ anyone?), the ethereal ‘Like It Was,’ and disco favourite ‘All I Heard.’ The final track, aptly entitled ‘The End,’ is incredibly Cut Copy-esque and leaves the album hanging on a strangely referential but gratifying note. Stay tuned for a hidden track, ironically after ‘The End.’

Further comments:
Isn’t Dominiqe usually spelt with a “u”?
You may recognise keyboardist Jad Lee from his day job as Blake from Workaholics.

3.5 stars.

Check ‘em out:
You can grab Mitzi’s Truly Alive as of today via Future Classic. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for an album tour soon. | |

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