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Kirk Spencer: Kukcu (ft. Safia May) [New Single]

Introducing Kirk Spencer, a Nottingham-born producer creating a unique combination of electro rock and classical Indian. Although a bizzarre concept, the two meld really well.

New single ‘Kukcu’ features the beautiful voice of UK singer Safia May:

Kirk Spencer can easily be added to the growing list of innovative producers that have been stepping forward of late, paving the way for a whole new legion of experimental producers. He joins the likes of S O H NFryarsSurf Dad and Andreas.

‘Kukcu’ is the first sample to surface from Spencer’s forthcoming EP, Wonderland, slated for a March 25 release

In May 2011, Spencer unleashed his debut 7-track EP, Enter The Void. If you dug the above track, then you’ll definitely love these tunes as well:

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