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My First CD: Darren Hart, HARTS

Words by Hugh McClure.

Everyone at acid stag has a bit of a thing for Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Harts (Darren Hart). Starting out as a bedroom project, he’s moulded a sound that is truly unique, and truly addictive. The young man himself states: “The music is indie rock. But it is also electro dance. And funk. It’s an indie creation…the music is its own thing.” Mixed by the Mars Volta’s Lars Stalfors (who found his music online), his debut EP Offtime is set for release on March 1 (through Island Records/Universal Music Australia).

Listening to his music, you can really hear an abundance of influences spanning numerous eras. This is a ridiculously well-versed artist who’s obviously come from a strong musical background. So we asked, what was that first CD, tune or act that really got under his skin? Harts kindly gave us an insight into his early musical recollections.

“This question is a tough one, purely because we had so much music in my house growing up. I can’t actually remember what my first official purchase was. But, I do remember the first CD I ever LIKED was one of my dad’s – a Queen Greatest Hits compilation. He used to play it around the house and I used to sneak it into my room and listen to it. I was really young at the time, but I still remember dancing around and singing ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Another One Bites The Dust;” all of the hits. I was just amazed there were so many songs on it!

Did it shape the music I make today? I think everything you like as an artist shapes you. It influences you in indirect ways that you don’t consciously make a decision about. It doesn’t matter how young I was, I dug that album – and still do. I love Queen and Freddie is one of my many idols. Looking back, Brian May’s overly-melodic guitar was a big influence too. Those early years shaped my character, and I’m pretty sure also shaped my creativity.”

Harts will be setting off on his first national tour in support of his EP release in March. We’re sure we won’t be the only ones raving about this guy soon.

Saturday March 2 | Plus One @ Ed Castle, Adelaide
Friday March 15 | Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Thursday March 21 | Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane
Friday March 22 | The World Bar, Sydney
Friday March 29 | Espy Front Bar, Melbourne

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