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Strange Talk: Cast Away [Album Review]

Words by Monica McClure.

Strange Talk has racked up an impressive CV for a band that is only now releasing their debut album, Cast Away. Formed a few short years ago in 2010 by bassist Gerard Sidhu and Stephen Docker on vocals, the Melbourne band released a number of singles in 2011 and 2012 to secure both local and international electro-pop fans in the lead up to this album.

Strange Talk may have left their audience waiting for this release, but it follows through with the delivery of a pop-heavy 80s influenced barrage of electro/synth/funk in much the same vein as their earlier releases. No surprises here. It depends on your personal musical philosophy whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Cast Away slots right into the electro-pop wave that’s been washing over our airwaves for the last few years, following closely in the footsteps of Cut Copy, Van She and Bag Raiders. Strange Talk do it better than a lot of other bands I’ve heard recently, levelling out at just the right amount of cheesy 80s influence with a healthy dose of Euro DJ style electro house.

The singles from the album are the clear highlights so I suppose that’s a heads up to their management for releasing the right songs. I do have an unusual and inexplicable hatred for the track ‘So So Lala,’ which is a jarring combination of epic violin samples and irritatingly nonsense lyrics. Every other track on the album is catchy and enjoyable though, and after I deleted that one track from my mp3s I was happily listening to Cast Away on loop.

You can grab Strange Talk’s Cast Away album now on iTunes, or alternatively you can check out some of the band’s singles featured on such classy television programming as 90210, Made in Chelsea, and domestic favourite The Shire. It’ll give you a good excuse if you get caught watching any of those shows.

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  1. Qunn says:

    Really stoked to see this album officially drop next week. Strange Talk is a seriously talented band and I can’t wait for them to get the attention they deserve!

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