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My First CD: Jonathan Bowden, Battleships

Words by Hugh McClure.

Sydney’s Battleships were already on their way to success before the recent release of their debut (mini) album To You. With singles ‘In Retrospect’ and ‘Your Words’ increasing their awareness via local radio, support for the four-piece quickly spread abroad to the UK and US. You’ve probably found yourself humming along to current single ‘Coming Back to You,’ with Triple J placing it on high rotation.

Having seen the band live a number of times, they’re one of those groups who look like really nice, humble guys. Given that, it’s somewhat of a surprise that their bassist/keyboardist, Jonathan Bowden, credits a bunch of bad boys for his earliest music memories.

“The first CD I bought was Oasis’ What’s The Story Morning Glory?. I think I was in about Year 6 at the time, and the first time I heard Oasis was when I saw the music video for ‘Wonderwall’ on Rage. I was immediately hooked and saved up my pocket money to purchase the album for $15. The album had a big impact on me in terms of the music that I like, and indeed the music that I now make. The melodic hooks and more relevant lyrics of this album (and the genre of Britpop in general), can definitely be heard in some of the music I write. Standout tracks for me would have to be ‘Wonderwall’ (a definitive track of the genre) and ‘Champagne Supernova.’ Both of these songs (and indeed the whole album) are seminal examples of the Britpop genre, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t rate it as one of the most influential albums of the 90s, if not of all time.”

March 9 | MOOMBA Festival, Melbourne (w/ Ball Park Music, Bob Evans, Electric Empire + more)
March 23 | The Hills Are Alive!, South Gippsland (w/ New Navy, Eagle And The Worm + more)

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