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Beach House: Forever Still [Short Film]

Beach House have produced a Pink Floyd inspired short film titled Forever Still, featuring four songs from 2012’s Bloom.

The Baltimore dream-pop duo performed and recorded the tracks outdoors in various locations around El Paso, Tornillo and Texas, and follows the passing of a single night, beginning at sunset and ending at dawn.

Put aside 30 minutes for the beauty that is Forever Still:

The duo wrote this about Forever Still:

“Forever Still is directly inspired by Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii. We wanted to perform in a non-typical setting without losing the spirit of our music. We felt the songs would resonate in a more majestic and spiritual landscape. The experience was an intense three nights of filming. Everyone involved in production and crew was benevolent in their time and talented in their efforts. We were very lucky to have the help and hard work of many people who aided and lent their abilities to our vision.”

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