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Adrian Lux: Interview

Swedish tech-house producer Adrian Lux will be returning down-under in a few weeks for New Year celebrations. Ahead of his Field Day performance, we spoke to the Western European babe about past, present and future collabs/releases, along with finger-boarding. Yep.

Where are you and what are you wearing? (Laughs) I’m in my studio in Stockholm and I’m wearing a big sweater with a skeleton on the front, some black jeans and some Nikes. Nothing that great to talk about actually (laughs).

Are you excited to be leaving Sweden’s winter for a deliciously hot Australian summer? Yes, of course, I can’t wait! I’ve only ever been there in spring or fall so I haven’t experienced the summer yet. I am very excited about that (laughs). It’s going to be really fun.

The Field Day line up boasts some incredible artists this year. Who are you looking forward to bumping into backstage? I really like Hot Chip; I think they’re great. Also Icona Pop, they are some old friends from here in Sweden. It’ll be a lot of fun with them around I think. I’m looking forward to seeing Erol Alkan play and Coolio as well (laughs). There really is a lot of great people playing. It’s going to be CRAZY!

How has the world reacted to your debut album? It’s been a really great reaction, actually. Well, so far anyway. I am happy with the response. It was a bit scary in the beginning but I guess it is always like that (laughs). I’ve had a lot of fun touring with it too. It’s great to be able to share it with so many people in a live show.

You’ve been dipping your fingers in a bunch of projects over the last few years. Do you have anything special coming up that you can share with us? I do, actually. I have been working with this new singer who I have just discovered. She will feature on my next single, so I’m really excited about that. I’ve also been working on the new album with Lune, which is finishing up nicely. I’m doing a remix for ‘Ghosts’ by The Presets at the moment too. There always seems to be a lot of stuff going on (laughs).

Can you tell us a something about Adrian Lux that not many people know? (Laughs) I don’t know (laughs). Well, I’m very good at finger-boarding. Ha-ha, what? Finger boarding: the skateboards you do with your fingers. I’ve always been really good at that. I used to do it all through school but I don’t get to show it off that often these days. Maybe you can incorporate some finger-boarding into your shows over here? No. No, I don’t think so (laughs).

Adrian Lux will be bringing his noteworthy finger-boarding skills to Australia for Field Day 2013 hosted on New Year’s Day. Tickets are selling fast, so quit wasting time and get one nowClick here to grab his other Australian tour dates.

‘Can’t Sleep’ is our favourite Adrian Lux track. Its video is incredibly touching:

We end with ‘Fire’ featuring Lune taken from his debut self-titled album.

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