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Tokyo Denmark Sweden: Self-Titled Debut EP [Review & Stream]

Words by Monica McClure

Tokyo, Denmark, and Sweden. I google mapped the locations in an attempt to find out their significance, thinking perhaps they were in some kind of geometrical shape. Nope. Then, I figured maybe they’re just the favourite countries of the band’s members, or are from a list of painfully expensive places to be a tourist. My top theory, however, is that Tokyo Denmark Sweden are just into kitschy Europop and the name followed closely behind.

Tokyo Denmark Sweden’s debut self-titled EP is available now through MGM and iTunes, featuring latest single ‘When It Breaks,’ as well as ‘Lights Off,’ and April’s intro single ‘Little Quarters.’ The singles are definitely the high points of the EP, while I swung from hating to not minding ‘Paper Sails,’ which sounded oddly treble-heavy and slightly out of character for the electro band.

Self described as indie/electro/pop, Tokyo Denmark Sweden’s EP is definitely weighted towards the second and third of those genres. The EP sports sugary electro synths, and in combination with Amy Pes’ glossy lead vocals, the result is a bunch of tracks that are top-40 worthy. Having said that, Tokyo Denmark Sweden hasn’t had a huge amount of exposure pre-EP release, so music snobs can relax. You can still say you knew this band before anyone else did while secretly enjoying a sweet hit of approachable pop music. I know I will.

Stream Tokyo Denmark Sweden’s self-titled debut EP below in full:

If you want to check Tokyo Denmark Sweden out in person, they’re playing at Peats Ridge Festival over New Year’s Eve.

P.S. I ended up googling the origin of the band’s name and they’re actually named after lyrics from a Gerling song. Luckily I love Gerling, so I’m willing to forgive the destruction of my well-crafted Europop hypothesis.

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