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Pigeon: Fortunes EP [Review]

Words by Monica McClure

It’s rare I get this excited about a new release. It usually takes time for me to digest music before I can decide whether I like it or not, but Pigeon’s debut EP Fortunes was immediately compelling. Fortunes is out now through iTunes and also conveniently available for your listening pleasure as an exclusive stream through acid stag. I can’t recommend this one strongly enough.

Pigeon has been making waves across triple j unearthed with singles ‘Oh Hebe’ and ‘All That Bad’ (special mention to the killer sax on this track), but you wouldn’t be able to pick out the singles on the EP, which has an outrageously strong catalogue of tracks.

Creating great music is all about striking the right balance between competing elements like accessibility and authenticity, variety and consistency, complexity and simplicity, etc. Pigeon expertly walks this fine line and has managed to find a formula that’s pretty close to perfect, which is just ridiculous considering this EP is their debut release.

Maybe one of the reasons I’m so gushy about Pigeon is that they remind me of my favourite band of 2011, Hooray For Earth. Pigeon’s music is also marked by their rich musical landscapes of resonant dance/power-pop, which range from catchy disco-tinged tunes to more thoughtful new wave inspired tracks. Fortunes is catchy and easy to listen to without being cheesy, naïve or too simplistic for frequent listening.

I replayed the EP about 10 times trying to work out which song was my favourite and I still can’t decide. Just go listen to it, immediately.

Traditionally I’ve been a cynic when it comes to love at first sight, but Pigeon might just have turned me into a believer. | |

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