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RÜFÜS: Interview

Today sees the launch of a series of weekly summer raves put on by the SOSUEME crew at Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel. Sydney indie-dance crew RÜFÜS are set to feature on the bill. We caught up with keyboardist Jon George to talk 2012 highlights and their forthcoming debut album.

Where are you and what are you wearing? I’m down in our Cronulla studio in my parents’ house, looking out over the water and I’m just about to have a coffee. I’m a little bit hung-over (laughs). I’m not wearing anything too special, just some shorts and a t-shirt.

Word on the street is that you’ve been readying new material. Yeah, it’s been occupying our lives 24/7 for the last few months. We’ve been eating and breathing these tracks over and over and I’m really stoked and loving how they are coming along. It is definitely the most cultivated sound we have produced so far and I’m really excited for people to hear it. How many tracks are you working on? We’ve got 14 tracks done but we are probably going to cull that down to about 11 or 12 for the album I think. Do you have a name for the album yet? No name yet (laughs). We’ve been getting pressure to put a name on it, but we still haven’t decided. We have a short-list but that’s about it so far.

How did RÜFÜS fare on the recent USA tour for CMJ? It was so good. We had such an awesome time. For starters, it was good to get overseas and play some music in another country to a bunch of people that had probably never heard of us, but then to play at CMJ was just awesome. We met a lot of really good people; we got to hang out with some really cool bands and we played some really good shows. We played to a few packed rooms as well, which was pretty amazing. We played just after Flume on our first show in East Village and we were so stoked by the reaction we got from the crowd. We even played 2 of the new tracks and they went down such a treat.

Were there any shenanigans? Of course (laughs). No, we didn’t go too crazy. We did see a riot in LA. We were just down the street from it, about 50 metres or so and we had the police come and point their rifles in our faces telling us to get off the street. Intense! Yeah man, it was crazy. We did get to see a bit of New York and Brooklyn and once we finished all of our commitments we had a massive party in Brooklyn with a bunch of really cool people.

Are you excited to be playing on your home turf at the upcoming SOSUEME shows? Yeah, we can’t wait. We haven’t played a show in Sydney for ages now. We are looking forward to that show in particular because it is Christmas time and everyone will be in party mode, so it should be wicked. We’ve had an awesome year and it’s going to be great to party with our friends and play some of our new tracks.

What are your top 3 albums of 2012? Woah, tough one. I think Hermitude would be on there for sure and I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and say Flume, it is an awesome album. He is killing it so good. Then probably T.E.E.D. as well. Those are probably the three that have been thrashed the most.


Get yourself up to speed with all of RÜFÜS’ original releases so far via the below stream:

You can catch the boys at the Beach Road Hotel on Wednesday, December 19. Further details below.

SOSUEME: Wednesday nights, free @ The Beach Road Hotel

Wednesday, December 5 – The Beards w/ The Griswolds, Alison Wonderland, Joyride, Devola
Wednesday, December 12 – Illy w/ SOSUEME DJs, Jackie Onassis, Stillwater Giants, Joyride
Wednesday, December 19 – RÜFÜS w/ Jessica Cerro + more
Wednesday, December 26 – Bondi Hipsters Boxing Day Bash!

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