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YesYou: Interview

Last week we had a chat with Jono Kirkham, one-half of Brisbane production project YesYou. The duo recently unleashed their debut EP and is currently on the road showcasing a butt-load of new material they’ve been busy piecing together.

Where are you and what are you wearing? Woah, sexy (laughs). I am at a petrol station right now, my bitch Gavin (Parry) is filling up the car for me (laughs). I’m wearing some Vans and a normal t-shirt and pants. Nothing too raunchy (laughs).

Congrats on the EP release. How has the response been so far? Thanks man. It has received a fantastic response online, which I guess is a good sign. It’s always quite nerve wracking when you go to release something. You just don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s so satisfying when people start sharing it around and you start getting all of this positive feedback. It makes you feel like you’re actually doing something right (laughs).

Are you excited to be hitting the road next week and sharing the new material in a live arena? Yeah, we are so excited. We have just finished up a rehearsal here in Brisbane actually. It’s been really fun translating these songs into a live setting. It’s been a bit of a challenge getting everything to work and sound just right but it has been a load of fun and it’s sounding great. It’s got to be one of my most favourite parts of the whole YesYou thing – transferring it all to live.

You’ve known your “bitch” Gavin for quite a while now, right? Yeah (laughs). Since year 8 in High School. I’m guessing you get along pretty well. Yeah, we’ve spent pretty much every day for the last two years together and so we do get along really well. We are really comfortable with each other. If I pitch an idea to Gav and he doesn’t like it, he can just tell me it’s crap and we’ll move on. That happens both ways; we just keep working. We have a great relationship that just makes it easy for us to write.

There are so many great producers coming out of QLD at the moment: Sondrio, Paces, Pigeon and of course Yale and Mitzi. Why do you think we are seeing such an onslaught of fantastic talent from up there now? Yeah man, there really is and I don’t know why that is (laughs). It’s awesome though. It is quite small up here, kind of like a small town really and so everyone pretty much knows each other.

Do you have your hearts set on world domination in 2013? Of course. That’s been the plan since day one (laughs). We recorded ‘Half Of It’ in my bedroom. Now we work pretty much 9 to 5, Monday to Friday in a studio we have here in Brisbane. Having said that, we don’t see it as a job or a chore. We really love doing it and we’re still having a lot of fun. We are going to work hard at it and hopefully we’ll get the results we want. World domination will be ours (laughs). Can we expect an album from you YesYou in the near future? Yeah, we actually have heaps of songs ready to go. Not sure if there’ll be another EP or an album yet but we have plenty that we are working on. In the last three days we’ve laid-down three more new tracks. 2013 is going to be epic.

Take a listen to YesYou’s self-titled debut EP that features the familiar vocals of Marcus Azon from Jinja Safari on ‘Frivolous Life,’ its opening track:

As mentioned, YesYou are currently on the road. Catch them playing at one of these shows.

Frivolous Life tour dates:
Thursday, December 6 – The Toff, Melbourne. Get tickets here.
Saturday, December 8 – Plus One @ Ed Castle, Adelaide. Get tickets here.
Thursday, December 13 – Cobra Kai @ Oh Hello, Brisbane. Get tickets here.
Monday, December 31 – NYE on The Harbour @ Cargo Bar with PNAU and AJAXGet tickets here.

YesYou’s debut EP is out now via Bossy Music. | |

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