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Todd Terje: Interview

Norwegian producer and self-confessed geek Todd Terje will be washing upon our fine shores very soon for Harbourlife. During a recent interview with him, he revealed exclusive details of his forthcoming debut album, along with a fantasy to remix an iconic Australian song.

Where are you and what are you wearing?
You’re lucky; I just put on some clothes. It’s morning here in Oslo.

I was going to ask you about the Norwegian dance scene, but thought that was more original.
I prefer you didn’t. That’s the question that triggers a yawn as it doesn’t have a good answer.

When I listen to ‘Its The Arps,’ I conjure an image in my head of female roller-skaters at a discotheque on the moon, shooting lasers from their index fingers. Is that what you were hoping to achieve?
You should be my manager (laughs). Well, I was thinking things like that but normally I can never translate my thoughts like what you’ve done. That particular project was quite nerdy so I wasn’t expecting anyone to ‘get’ what I was trying to say.

When quizzed about a full-length album, you’ve given very ambiguous answers. Are you able to reveal anything about it?
I’m not hiding anything, it’s just that things take time. I almost have an album ready – it’s about 70% finished. It’s that last 30% that I think: Yeah, I can do that in four months. But it’ll probably take me a year or something (laughs). I say it’ll be ready mid next year. The DJ thing really takes up more time than I would have imagined.

How many tracks are you hoping to include on the album?
I don’t know. I’m thinking of having different suites. Maybe having two or three themed suites. Then it would make it easier for it to sound like one story instead of 16 random tracks thrown in together.

You’re quite well known for producing remixes of epic proportions. Are you trying to achieve the same level of epicness in the album?
Not necessarily because I think those things tend to work best on the dance-floor. If you’re on the dance-floor you automatically have the peoples’  will to stand there for more than three and a half minutes. It’s very different from the radio. When you make album music, I think you have to pace yourself. So, there’ll definitely be no 32-minute tracks but my music is a little bit quirky in that it needs time to evolve. But I’ll just have to think harder on how to arrange it wisely. You need to keep the listener’s attention.

The suites are very cinematic themes. I’m quite inspired by soundtracks, which is a very clichéd  thing to say (laughs).

Harbourlife is set at one of Australia’s most iconic spaces. Are you getting pumped?
Yeah, I’m always excited to play. The DJ part of my life is like a reward. But if I ever lose that excitement then I’m fucked (laughs). I might become a yogi (laughs).

What do you have in store for us?
I can say one thing that I would want to do, but know I can’t do. It’s to make a dub remix of ‘Down Under’ by Men At Work. I just need the stems. I have a really good idea for it. It’d be a good thing to bring to Australia.

Joining Todd Terje at this year’s sold out Harbourlife are:
Mark Farina
Flight Facilities featuring Jess Higgs
Adana Twins

Where: Fleet Steps, Mrs Macquarie’s Point, Sydney
When: December 1, 2012

Listen to ‘Inspector Norse,’ Todd’s hit single of last year:

Let’s end with his stunning rework of Hot Chip‘s ‘How Do You Do’:

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