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Shlohmo: Interview [St. Jerome’s Laneway]

L.A-based electro-soul producer Henry Laufer, aka Shlohmo, will be visiting Australia for the first time in February for the 2013 St. Jerome’s Laneway festivals. We caught up with him for a quick chat the other day. Both parties were chilling out in their jocks. It was pretty sexy.

Where are you and what are you wearing? Ahhh, I am in Oakland right now, lying in a bed, only wearing my boxers (laughs). Do you conduct all of your interviews in your underwear? Well, that depends. This one is for all the ladies (laughs). No, it’s actually 3PM in the afternoon and I’m just getting out of bed (laughs).

You’ll be heading to Australia in a few months for the St. Jerome’s Laneway festivals. Are you getting excited? I’m super excited! I’m also a little bit nervous about the flight. I’ve always been a little bit freaked out by flying but I have done quite a bit of touring this year, so I am getting used to it. Australia is such a long way too, so that’s why I haven’t made it over there yet (laughs). Besides all of that, I’m really fucking excited!

Are there any other acts on the bill that you’re hoping to hang out with backstage? Yeah, Holy Other for sure! I’ve been listening to his music for such a long time and I haven’t gotten a chance to meet him yet. We’ve spoken via the internet for a while now, so I am really excited about meeting him. And Bat For Lashes, I’d be stoked to be able to hang out with her for sure (laughs). It’ll be good to see Nicolas (Jaar) again too.

You released your Vacation EP a few months back now. Has it been received as well as you would have hoped? It has been received far better than I ever expected. I really wanted to show people what I could do and I was honestly expecting a lot of people to not like it. But the response has been fantastic. AND, like a third of my record sales are from Australia! It’s pretty fucking wild to imagine I have all of these people on the other side of the planet that are really into my music (laughs).

How did you go about getting Nicolas Jaar to remix one of your tracks? Umm, he actually reached out to me. We were talking for a while last year and then he asked me to play at some of his after parties in New York. We just kept talking and it went from there. It was funny that I didn’t even know who he was at first and then it turned out that he went to college with a bunch of my good friends, and that’s not even how we met. So it all just came together randomly and then we were like: “Hey, we should remix each other’s songs.” So, he did ‘Rained The Whole Time’ and then I did one for a track he produced with a female singer. I’m not sure when that one is coming out. Hopefully soon.

What made you decide that making music was going to be your thing? I don’t really know (laughs). I was going to school for painting, drawing and printmaking – like visual arts stuff. I guess music was just always a hobby that I had. It was never really a choice. I just found that I was always making music instead of doing my homework, or skipping class to lay down some beats. So eventually I just fucking dropped out and started making albums (laughs). Do you have a day job? No, which is fucking great! That’s also why I’m getting up at three in the afternoon (laughs).

You can catch Shlohmo at one of the St. Jerome’s Laneway festivals happening around the country in February. Grab your tickets now before it’s too late.

Treat yo’self to Shlohmo’s latest offering. The Vacation EP features the above-mentioned Nicolas Jaar remix:

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