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Purple Sneakers DJs: Interview

Sydney production duo Purple Sneakers DJs have recently launched a label, their very first original single, as well as a new Sydney club night. Needless to say, the boys have been very busy. We had a chat with founding member Marty Novosel (aka PhDJ) about all of the shit they’ve been getting up to.

Where are you and what are you wearing? Oh no, I’ve just woken up man (laughs). I’m wearing an oversized punk t-shirt and just a pair of shorts. Should I be telling the truth or making up something really cool? We prefer the truth. We’ve spoken to many people in their underwear. Well, that’s pretty much where I’m at right now (laughs).

Congratulations on the launch of the new label. How long have you had that project in the works? Well, the main reason I started Purple Sneakers was to start a record label. Back then I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t have any money. All I did know was that I wanted to party! So, with that in mind, I set out with a plan to start a club and would hopefully make money from that to frivolously throw into building a record label (laughs). It started moving forward and in 2007, we released the first Sparkadia EP. That was more of a charity rather than a moneymaking venture. That was where I initially started the vision of a record label. Then recently we thought: “Well why don’t we just start up a singles label now? Let’s just do it!” So, we did (laughs).

Are there any upcoming producers you have your eyes on at the moment? Yeah, all the artists we have our eye on are the ones we have playing in our clubs. We are really digging Olympic Ayres and Moonbase Commander for a start. I mean that’s why we chose those guys to support us on tour recently. Randall Stagg of course – who is the other half of Purple Sneakers. Also, these guys from Melbourne called Wednesday The Rat and Willow Beats are pretty rad too. I also manage a few bands already like Clubfeet, who have a bunch of stuff going on at the moment. I’m also still managing Alex Burnett from Sparkadia, as well this London-based disco-house boy/girl duo called Antony For Cleopatra. They are recoding with Sammy Bananas in New York right now, actually.

So you’ve just released the first ever, original Purple Sneakers track. Why has it taken you so long to start producing your own grooves? Well, we’ve actually been producing our own grooves for a few years; we just never got around to finishing any of it (laughs). About 10 months ago we actually thought we’d stop fucking around and put something out. Are you going to keep the momentum going? Yeah, for sure. We are already working on another track now with a girl called Melody Nelson. There’s another happening with Jess Pollard from TOUCAN and a bunch of others. There’s a lot on the go at the moment (laughs). Can we expect an album in the near future? No, I don’t think so. I mean we should have about 10 tracks finished by the end of Summer but they’ll just be released track-by-track. We’re not really out to make an actual record.

You also just started up a new club night. Yeah, man. We just started a new club night called Discovery. It’s in a really tiny 100 people capacity venue in Sydney and our main aim is to really push, invest in, and support dudes that are doing rad shit. Also, we wanted to have a really great, solid residence roster. This is why we have chosen guys like Lancelot; he is such a dope producer. Frames, SPENDA C, Emoh Instead and Clockwork are who we enlisted to launch the new club. It’s been really well received so far and we even have some Melbourne based producers like Airwolf that want to come up to do monthly residencies.

Let’s take a listen to Purple Sneakers DJs’ debut single, called ‘Last One Standing,’ featuring the lush vocals of Amy Pes from Sydney indie outfit Tokyo Denmark Sweden:

Hit the download link above to score a free digital copy.

Stay up to date with the latest parties by PSDJs:

CANT SAY – Friday nights at Vault 8, Banana Alley, Melbourne
DISCOVERY – Saturday nights at 77 Oxford St, Sydney |

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