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Last Dinosaurs: Gig Review

Words by Monica McClure.

Thank you, Last Dinosaurs and The Metro Theatre, for conspiring to remind me of why I avoid all age gigs. I know, I know, if you’d asked me about age limits when I was under 18 I would have ranted about how it’s unfair to exclude younger people from gigs. Now that I’m well and truly over 18 though, I prefer to enjoy my music without the piercing accompaniment of shrieking teenagers. I know I’m being pretentious and grumpy, but my excuse is as a music reviewer that’s my prerogative.

Credit to Last Dinosaurs that they cut through my petulance and played a convincing and enjoyable set. Support band Jungle Giants were acceptable but unoriginal, and provided a great point of comparison for the main act who sounded more distinctive and much tighter. Last Dinosaurs took a couple of tracks to warm up but sounded more comfortable and lively after kicking into a couple of their singles.

Last Dinosaurs for me is one of those bands that has a surprising number of recognisable tracks that I’ve always liked but never attributed to a particular artist. It’s always fun to see those bands live because it’s unexpectedly more entertaining than originally anticipated. Last Dinosaurs are definitely more than a one-track wonder band. Debut album In A Million Years has already launched four rather catchy singles onto our radio waves, and their live show had an impressive level of depth considering they’re still riding out their first album.

It didn’t hurt that Last Dinosaurs filled out their show with a few covers. I’m a sucker for a good cover. The Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven’ was a fun addition to their main set, and a mash up of Modjo’s ‘Lady’ and Spiller’s ‘Groovejet’ rounded out the encore.

A round of applause to Last Dinosaurs, from the enclave of 18+ year olds huddled near the upstairs bar.

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