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Flight Facilities: Clair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg) [New Single]

Australian disco-house royalty Flight Facilities have today released fourth single ‘Clair de lune,’ featuring New York siren Christine Hoberg. Drawing inspiration from French impressionist composer Claude Debussy‘s 1890 piece ‘Clair de Lune,’ the single displays darker and more fragile properties compared to its poppy predecessors. ‘With You,’ ‘Foreign Language’ and ‘Crave You’ all sport disco beats and catchy lyrics – ‘Clair de lune’ thus breaking the mould. Hardcore fans may be left confused. However, we’re embracing Flight Facilities’ new direction; it demonstrates their versatility and breadth of talent.

Without further adieu, listen to Flight Facilities’ new single, ‘Clair de lune’:

The below music video teaser was released a couple of weeks ago:

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